Why We Love Expos

Expos are a ton of fun.

Meeting people in your industry and sharing ideas. Getting updates on the latest and greatest ideas for marketing and appealing to your audience. Learning and growing in your field.

And one of the best parts about expos is the opportunity to network. Making those connections in the industry are vital to growing and thriving.

But it’s not all meet and greets. After the expo is over and you’re back at your day-to-day, following up with those people you met and making sure you’re utilizing those connections is vital.

Making Your Job Easier

That’s why a Selfie Pod is so important for taking with you to expos. Here are the top three reasons you should bring a Selfie Pod with you to your next expo.

1) Lead Capture.

Okay, you meet a TON of people at every expo. And there are so many Karen’s in the world, it’s hard to keep them all straight. But what if you had an easy way to help you put names to faces, faces to companies and companies to needs?

Lead Capture on a Selfie Stand

That’s what the Selfie Pod can do for you. With its optional lead capture, you can have people take a photo, then enter their name, email address and company name quickly and efficiently.

After the expo is over, you’re able to print those analytics and see exactly who is who (if you’re writing personal follow-ups) or download the list of emails and names for a quick way to reach out to all of these leads all at once!

2) Brand identification.

Let’s be real, we’ve all seen those terrible booth setups where you’re not even sure what company is being advertised or how they can help you. Then there are those booths that are straight-up boring and you would rather check out their website than actually have to talk to the people there.

Don’t let your booth fall into either of those categories.

Brand identification Selfie Stand photo booth

When you have a Selfie Stand at your booth, you’ll have your brand out there for everyone at the expo. No one will get you confused with the booth down the way and you’ll be remembered as the “fun booth!”

Photo experiences are all the rage and bringing them into your booth will definitely make sure you don’t have a boring experience and people will want to talk to you!

3) One less thing to haul

Did you know that The SnapBar’s Selfie Stands ship nationwide for free? And we work very closely with FedEx, which means we’re able to get you your selfie station wherever you are and you’re able to ship it back as soon as you’re done!

This means, you can order it to your hotel or Airbnb for the days you need, it will be there and waiting for you to use at the expo, and then you just ship it back.

Ship your photo booth experience nationwide

No hauling any more heavy equipment on and off the plane, hoping everything is still working and ready to go…with the Selfie Stand’s specially-fitted pelican case and The SnapBar’s expertise at shipping all over the nation, you can be sure your photo experience will be ready to go when you are!

There’s Even More

There are a ton more reasons to use a social station at your next expo. Customizable digital props, attract screens and more are all options! Do you want to find out more about how you can use a Selfie Stand at your next expo?




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